IBM SPSS software is closed source commercial software. 


The University of Michigan offers a very nice Online SPSS course.

Though based on SPSS 16 (we are now at 24) it still is a valuable site for learning how to perform almost any analysis in IBM SPSS:


SPSS analysis Help by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln:


What statistical analysis should I use (UCLA):


An elaborate site on (social) Research by William M.K. Trochim:




KNIME is a non-syntax data-analytical application with a strong emphasis on data mining. It is open source, freely available software.


KNIME functionalities are explained in the GUI and many detailed analytical examples are available that can be copied to serve as a starting point for one’s own analytical projects.


A good video for starting working with KNIME by Phil Winters:


A thorough treatment of Text Mining by Rosaria Silipo:




R is open source, freely available software.


Robert Kabacoff has a very informative site. The book “R in Action”, also mentioned on the site, is an excellent text on statistical analysis:


Rattle is a very elegant Data Mining GUI on R, by Graham Williams:

His book “Data Mining with Rattle and R” is an accessible and valuable asset for anyone starting with Data Mining.


Data mining with R, Dr. Yanchang Zhao:




Not an application, but an enjoyable and powerful online course in statistics that will teach you all the basics of statistics: Dr.Stat. There are 25 lessons about basic subjects as measurement levels, measures of central tendency, correlation, probability and distributions, and more advanced subjects as hypothesis testing, measures of association and variance analysis. The course is offered both in Dutch and English and costs only €7.50.


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